Light video capture and replay system

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For sport and movement analyse.

Receiving accurate feedback during your workout sessions is essential, as it aids in refining your technique and increasing efficiency.

The Camcapt Mini allows you to train with precision and maintain proper form. Rather than pausing your workout to review recorded videos and evaluate your performance, this tool provides immediate feedback after each repetition.

This enables you to promptly adjust your posture, develop the correct muscle memory, and achieve quicker results.


Marc, World Archery Excellence Centre, Lausanne

"CC Mini is a very affordable and reliable
solution to watch a video delay for all archers"

Simplicity and Compatibility.

Interface delay

Compatible with all USB UVC cameras


Full HD display on all HDMI TV. 
2 TV outputs.


Wireless control phones or tabs 

(IOS, Android, or Windows)

Interface delay

Camera delay ajustable.


Last 10 seconds replay with slowmotion.


Full HD recording on USB Key


Add grid or a specific overlay.